Bio & Glossary


Walter Chase

  • Hometown: Easton, PA
  • Currently resides: Brooklyn, NY
  • Musical director of the a cappella group, Straight No Chaser, famously known as “The Dreidel Guy”
  • Graduate of Indiana University-Bloomington (Music Education/Business ’00)
  • Diehard fan of the New York Mets, Philadelphia Eagles, Indiana University basketball, the New Jersey Devils and the Brooklyn Nets


“Agreeance” – not a word, though used commonly by Walt to state that collectively everyone agrees on something

“Beep” – To brag about one’s own talents.  Also see “humblebrag” or “toot your own horn”

Delusions of Grandeur – A cappella group founded at Indiana University (1995-2002).  Founding members include Don Nottingham (current Straight NoChaser member).  Walter Chase joined the group in 1996.

“Discluding” – Word invented by Seggie Isho, he meant to say “excluding”

Doo Wop ‘n Bop – A cappella quintet consisting of Walter Chase, Randy Stine, David Roberts, Don Nottingham & Todd Pritts.  Existed for one summer in 1999 at Cedar Pointe Amusement Park in Sandusky, OH

Fatty – Walter Chase’s most notable nickname

Pulling “A Walt” – The action where someone incorrectly identifies a person (usually a celebrity or athlete) with a different first or last or both name all together.  Example on the 10/3/13 episode of The Chase Podcast where Walt refers to Russell Wilson as Russell Westbrook.  “Walting a Walt” is taking this a step further, as done by Walt on the same 10/3/13 podcast where he referred to Pulling “A Walt” with Jordan Cameron of the Cleveland Browns by first calling him Jamaal Crawford but meaning Jordan Crawford which was also the wrong person.

Straight No Chaser – A cappella group founded at Indiana University-Bloomington (1996-current).  Walter Chase is a founding member and the current music director of the professional group

The Airtight – Studio a cappella “group” compromised of only Walter Chase singing all of the parts

Vinyl Party – Based out of Santa Monica, CA.  House band of The Chase podcast

Wicker Duck League – Fantasy baseball league founded in 2005, includes Straight No Chaser members Walter Chase and Seggie Isho as well as Straight No Chaser alumni Steve Wolf, Mickey Seidenstein, Jason Jacobs and Michael Landau. Walter Chase is a three-time champion of the league

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