“The Chase List”

Take any topic, big or small, music-sports or stuff and rank ‘em in “the mind of Chase”…

“THE CHASE LIST: Top 25 Songs from 2014 (from The Chase Podcast 1/22/15)

  1. “Shake It Off”, Taylor Swift
  2. “I’m Not the Only One”, Sam Smith
  3. “All About That Bass”, Meghan Trainor
  4. “Uptown Funk”, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars
  5. “Thinking Out Loud”, Ed Sheeran
  6. “All of Me”, John Legend
  7. “Not A Bad Thing”, Justin Timberlake
  8. “Let It Go”, Idina Menzel
  9. “Bang Bang”. Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nikki Minaj
  10. “Fancy”, Iggy Azalea
  11. “Chandelier”, Sia
  12. “Ain’t It Fun”, Paramore
  13. “Counting Stars”, OneRepublic
  14. “Stay With Me”, Sam Smith
  15. “Wake Me Up”, Avicii
  16. “Don’t”, Ed Sheeran
  17. “Am I Wrong”, Nico & Vinz
  18. “Dark Horse”, Katy Perry
  19. “Best Day of My Life”, American Authors
  20. “Rude”, Magic!
  21. “Waves”, Mr. Probz
  22. “Boom Clap”, Charli XCX
  23. “Story of My Life”, One Direction
  24. “Habits (Stay High)”, Tove Lo
  25. “Outside”, Foo Fighters


“THE CHASE LIST: Top 20 Songs from 2013 (from The Chase Podcast 1/1/14)

  1. “Royals”, Lorde
  2. “Blurred Lines (feat. T.I. & Pharrell)”, Robin Thicke
  3. “Mirrors”, Justin Timberlake
  4. “The Way (feat. Mac Miller)”, Ariana Grande
  5. “Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams)”, Daft Punk
  6. “Same Love (feat. Mary Lambert)”, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  7. “Madness”, Muse
  8. “Can’t Hold Us”, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  9. “Over the Love”, Florence + The Machine
  10. “Crooked Smile (feat. TLC)”, J Cole
  11. “Wake Me Up”, Avicii
  12. “Clarity (feat. Foxes)”, Zedd
  13. “Almost Is Never Enough”, Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes
  14. “Wrecking Ball”, Miley Cyrus
  15. “Happy”, Pharrell Williams
  16. “Take Back the Night”, Justin Timberlake
  17. (tie) “Brave”, Sara Bareilles / “Roar”, Katy Perry
  18. “Closer”, Tegan and Sara
  19. “The Wire”, HAIM
  20. “Still Into You”, Paramore


“THE CHASE LIST: BINGE-WATCHABLE TV SERIES (from The Chase Podcast 10/3/13 – UPDATED 1/9/15)

  1. Breaking Bad – Everything that could be said about this show has already been said in the lead up to the show’s finale.  I agree with it all, perfection to the final scene

  2. Band of Brothers – Unmatched in so many ways.  Best part, you can watch it all in a weekend.
  3. The Wire – Skip Season 2, which is a huge statement to make and still allow it to be a top 4 binge-watched series.  So raw, so real, so good.
  4. The West Wing – Sorkin before he tried so hard
  5. Mad Men – Slow burn at times but worth every moment
  6. The Americans – Only two seasons in so judgment is still reserved.  Only show that the CIA needs to clear every script because it is so close to real
  7. Friday Night Lights – “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose…” (Season 4 SUCKS)
  8. The Sopranos – Probably higher on most lists, but I always felt like the series could have been condensed to a ⅓ of the episodes and still had it all (too much filler)
  9. House of Cards – Two seasons in and I am having trouble not making the case for it to be nearer the top. Netflix has my undivided attention after producing such a franchise
  10. Orphan Black – Best show out of the UK isn’t Downton, isn’t Sherlock.  Two words: TATIANA MASLANY

Honorable mention (Masters of Sex, Top of the Lake, Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Black Mirror, Archer)


“THE CHASE LIST”: BURGERS (from The Chase Podcast 8/9/13)

  1. Umami Burger, based Los Angeles – The gold standard, the truffle burger is no joke, a must if you are in LA, tell ’em Fatty sent ya

  2. Five Guys, based Washington, DC – Best chain fast food in the world (period).  Fresh burgers, toppings a plenty, never have had a bad burger at any location

  3. Shake Shack, based New York City – Tourist trap for a reason, Danny Meyer‘s the chef and you are the beneficiary, also available for purchase at the greatest place in the world and home of the New York Mets: Citi Field

  4. Father’s Office, Santa Monica, CA – Standing room only any time of day, imagine french onion soup on a burger… uh huh, it’s solid

  5. The Tavern, Nashville – A Straight No Chaser standard hangout post-recording and rehearsal, been told though that Burger Up on 12th Ave South is the standard for Nashville burgers (never been, will soon)

Notable outcast: In-N-Out Burger (O-ver-rat-ed! CLAP,CLAP, CLAP-CLAP-CLAP)

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